Provide an environment where children thrive…
Creativity abounds and
Hands-on early childhood learning experiences incorporate
Laughter and
Knowledge, in a safe and inspirational preschool setting.

About Us:

  • CHALK Preschool offers 2, 3 or 5 day/week programs for children ages 2-5. (Program options vary for each location.)
  • Year round school with open enrollment; admission based on application date and availability.
  • Children do not have to be toilet trained.
  • Child-centered learning activities with developmentally and age appropriate materials and equipment.
  • Two teachers in each classroom holding degrees in Early Childhood or a related field.
  • Faculty that receive continuing education and training to promote on-going professional development.
  • Effective family/teacher communication.
  • First Aid and CPR certified faculty.
  • Opportunities for parents to be involved in their student’s education.
  • Open door policy for parents to contact all administrators.
  • A facility designed and maintained to enhance the learning opportunities for students.
  • Secure entrances and exits.

CHALK teachers provide the vital inspiration to students as they discover the world around them. The teachers and staff focus all activities and experiences on the children. CHALK seeks to support the development of the whole child across emotional, social, physical, and cognitive domains.
The teachers develop their own creative lesson plans based on a combination of (1) early childhood learning standards and models and (2) arts integration. This, along with knowledge gained from observing the students’ play and behaviors, allows the teachers to facilitate educational experiences relevant for each child. CHALK teachers provide the students with individually developed and designed classroom environments. It is within these spaces that play becomes learning. Teachable moments happen all of the time. The skilled teachers at CHALK capture and take advantage of those moments every day.

CHALK believes that the family is a child’s first and most important educator. It is the preschool’s responsibility to support families in raising children by providing education and encouragement. Family involvement is an important part in the success of your child’s preschool experience. We encourage visiting or volunteering in the classroom, sharing a skill, or coming to one of our events that emphasize family time. Together, CHALK and families connect in order to shape children into strong, confident individuals.

Educate young minds and facilitate the enjoyment of learning. Support the growth of the whole child across emotional, social, physical, and cognitive domains to ensure the development of strong, confident, life-long learners.

Green PlayroomIncorporate (1) core curriculum goals based on early childhood learning standards/models and (2) the arts within a loving, stimulating environment. Establish and adapt best practices to provide a well-rounded, structured education enhanced with play and creativity. Structure daily activities to provide stability and security.

Retain highly qualified, skilled teachers responsible for the development and application of lesson plans, scheduling, parent communication, etc. Provide effective leadership for all aspects of CHALK including retention of a qualified Preschool Director and support staff.

Create and maintain classrooms and play areas that are stimulating and safe. Provide an open-door policy for children, family members, teachers, and staff to ensure continuous improvement.

Children will experience moments of awe and wonder every day at CHALK Preschool…
Shouldn’t you consider CHALK today?