CHALKlets – Parent/Toddler Class
Age: 16-24 months (a mini version of our preschool program)

When your little one is ready to play, but not quite big enough to independently stay…

Join us for a creative hands-on Parent/Toddler class that is a prelude to the CHALK Preschool Program

Our job: To provide you and your little one with an inspirational environment, fun activities, and a wonderful teacher to facilitate organized learning at a relaxed pace.

Your job: To be focused and involved with your child while they explore, socialize, and get a little messy! There will be a schedule of activities, but we always include free choice options to encourage independence, courage, and confidence.

Benefits: A great way to introduce your child to CHALK Preschool and meet families from the neighborhood!

10 Week Sessions
One day/week $500
Complete Enrollment Form and send with check or money order for the class fee to our Cobble Hill location:

CHALK Preschool
112 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11201

Enrollment is on a first come first served basis.

To check availability please call 212-627-7300 or email us.

*CHALK Preschool of Chelsea will hold CHALKlets on Wednesday mornings from 9:00-10:30am


9:00-9:20      Free Play (blocks, dramatic play, book corner, manipulatives)

9:20-9:40      Circle Time (good morning song, weather, calendar, story time, what we’re doing today)

9:40-10:00    Experimental Learning (art project, sensory project, gross motor, puzzles, sorting)

10:00-10:15   Snack Time

10:15-10:30   Music and Closing Circle (sing, dance and make some noise, what we did today, goodbye song)

Email us or call 212-627-7300