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The CHALK preschool program is designed to spark a love for learning. We encourage each child to explore their interests and express themselves, while also instilling a positive appreciation for a structured school setting.

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What We Offer

  •    FLEXIBLE scheduling options (Based on Availability)
  • *Choose the number of days and which days work for your family
  • *Full day and morning Half day options
  •    FULL DAY: 8:00AM – 5:00PM
  •    MORNING HALF DAY: 9:00AM – 12:30PM
  •    Year-round, open enrollment, no interview process, and no additional fees
  •    Same age classrooms for children ages 2-6 years
  •    Children do NOT have to be toilet trained to attend
  •    Establish home/school continuity (toilet training)
  •    Developmentally and age-appropriate materials and equipment
  •    Teacher-led and child-centered learning activities
  •    Effective family/teacher communication
  • *Receive real-time updates, pictures, and videos about your child’s day with an app!
  •    Evaluations based on state standards and annual parent-teacher conferences
  •    Two teachers in each classroom holding degrees in Early Childhood or related field
  •    Faculty that receive continuing education and training to promote ongoing professional development
CHALK Preschool Southern California

CHALK Preschool of Tarzana – located at 19436 Ventura Blvd in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, California. Designed to provide a safe and loving environment for youngsters, the beautiful facility inspires curiosity, learning, and creativity. The secure and spacious campus features abundant outdoor gross motor play space complete with a custom track.  

CHALK Preschool integrates the acclaimed My Gym child fitness program into the classroom curriculum. Working together, we have created a groundbreaking fitness-conscious classroom environment and learning program for children 2 through 6 years of age that is included in the price of tuition. 

Since 2004, CHALK has successfully combined both the developmental and traditional philosophies to provide a well-balanced approach to learning. With this approach, we ensure children have a supportive and engaging introduction to school while focusing on their academic preparation for kindergarten. CHALK Preschool embraces a curriculum with theme-based lesson plans that nurture the whole child from academics to health & wellness and social/emotional growth. We keep families informed with daily communication, bi-annual evaluations, and annual parent-teacher conferences. The evaluations are based on the following state standards:  Social/Emotional development, Language/Literacy skills, Cognitive skills, Fine/Gross motor skills, and Self-Help skills.

How We Spend Our Days…

Drop Off & Free Play

Table activities, dress-up, blocks, art, library

Circle Time

Good morning song, calendar, weather, story/theme of the week activity, foreign language


Fruit, vegetables, crackers, yogurt, pretzels, cheese

Center Time

Stations providing activities in art, math/science, language arts, fine/gross motor, sensory table

Closing Circle/Music

Songs and musical instruments, what we did today discussion… “that’s a wrap”

Free Play/Pick-up

Free play-dramatic play, manipulatives, puzzles

My Gym/Gross Motor

Indoor and/or outdoor options for teacher and/or child led activities based on expanding energy using large muscle groups


The “My Gym Healthy Lifestyle Preschool Curriculum” introduces such important life values as goal-setting & tracking and self-motivation.  In addition to introducing My Gym’s gold standard physical fitness program for children, the My Gym/CHALK program also features a rounded wellness curriculum that includes nutrition and hygiene for youngsters along with the development of healthful lifestyle habits.  My Gym, as the fitness professionals, has formally trained the CHALK directors and key staff to implement the curriculum to the highest of standards.

Children experience moments of awe and wonder every day at CHALK Preschool

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